What makes your jewelry special?

Four words: one of a kind. Because many of our pieces are hand fabricated and incorporate unusual types and shapes of stones, we could not duplicate them if we wanted to! You share your vision with us. We make it reality.

In addition, we bring fresh designs into the shop. Please allow us to show you contemporary metals such as titanium and tungsten, timeless designs and our latest sterling silver designer collection from Frédéric Duclos.

How do I go about having a custom piece of jewelry made?

We chat. You share your thoughts regarding the style, function and purpose of the piece you have in mind. We then explain the available options, along with their pros and possible cons. Together, we design that special piece that will delight for generations. Sketches and/or wax samples come next to arrive at a fine-tuned custom design you love.

Why should I come into The Pagoda rather than one of the larger, more well-known stores?

Short answer: personal attention. We promise that when you come into our shop, you will collaborate directly with a member of the Pagoda team.  Our 70-plus years of combined experience and passion encompass all facets of the jewelry trade: hand fabrication, appraisals and articulation with outside designers and manufacturers. Our hope is to gain your trust as well as your business.

Will you use my gold and stones to custom make a piece of jewelry?

In some cases we can use your gold to fabricate a piece. We usually do not recommend using your gold on a piece that we cast because there could be problems with casting “used” gold. We will, however, take your gold in trade against our items, including a custom piece. We will be happy to use your stones or let you choose stones from our remarkable selection. If we do not have exactly what you want, we will get stones in for your approval based on your criteria.

I have never been to The Pagoda before. What is the price range of your items?

You tell us the budget with which you are comfortable. We discuss options and help you select a piece (in inventory, or custom) that respects that budget.