Our Story

Paula-and-KathyPagoda Fine Jewelry is located in Cedarburg, WI and derives its name after the pagoda style building in which it is situated. Originally designed by Alexander C. Eschweiler, the building was built in 1926 as a Wadhams Oil and Grease Station. From its original beginning as a gas station it was transformed into a jewelry store in 1992.

Catherine Laing is a jewelry designer and fabricator who has received state and local awards for her pieces. She moved her jewelry business to Cedarburg in 1980 and into the current building in 1992.

Paula L. Luba is a GIA graduate gemologist. After more than twenty years and multiple roles in the jewelry industry, Paula started her own business in 1995 doing appraisals, repairs and assisting customers with special orders from outside designers and manufacturers. She joined Catherine Laing in Pagoda Fine Jewelry in 1998.

Catherine and Paula continue to make Pagoda Fine Jewelry a full-service jewelry store with a wonderful and distinctive selection of wearable art using many one-of-a-kind stones.